All new Overalls!
All new Overalls!
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Crafting the Jumping Jax Overalls

bay area female shop Handmade Jumping-jaxs local store overalls

How we started

 Sitting in my workshop for hours on end, comfort was all I wanted.  I started trying to create patterns out of used overalls and tweaked them to my liking. Having an excess of leather strappings from my leather creations, I invited my friend Robyn to join me in the creative design process to utilize the leather straps interchangeably on the overalls.  thusly giving us that creative touch and personal charm we desired.  We first showcased our sister shop at our latest fair/ flea market and were surprised and overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback. It was there that Jumping-Jax Overalls was born! My Partner Robyn and I created these Overalls with the idea of comfort and style in mind and that is what we made! 

How it is going

Currently, we are saturated in orders.  Underestimating the amount of enthusiastic feedback we would get so quickly, we are currently in the process of filling orders and creating more sizes.  Jumping-Jax Overalls are going to be showcased with our sister shop at the Mill Valley Community Center April 3rd 2021.  


What you can do

follow and tag us on instagram @jumpingjaxoveralls or at our sister shop @diamondlleathergoods 

Snap a photo of you in your overalls and tag us to be featured on our webpage or instagram! Leave a review or even share us if you love our product!  

We thank you for the support of our local San Francisco shop! 



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